What new cooking recipes have you tried recently?

What new cooking recipes have you tried recently?

A Fusion of Tasty Adventures: Discovering International Flavors

If there's one thing that's kept me sane this year, it's my passion for creativity in cooking. Seriously, I've been mixing things up in the kitchen so much, even my stand mixer is starting to raise an eyebrow. It's absolutely mesmerising how a handful of ingredients can transform into an array of flavours, tastefully teasing our taste buds. To top it all off, I've been exploring various international culinary gems. That's right! Let me take you on a global food tour from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Rumble in the Mexican Jungle: Experimenting with Traditional Mole

Now, I am not saying that I embarked on a journey to Mexico for the sole purpose of learning this recipe. But, let's just say that a certain mole sauce made the trip all the more memorable. The fascinating blend of ingredients - chili peppers, tomatoes, cloves, raisins and, wait for it, chocolate - had me wondering how all these flavors might meld together in the pot. However, as I later found, the outcome was a taste sensation; a perfect blend of heat, sweet and distinct aroma.

A good mole sauce takes time - creating the perfect blend of ingredients and simmering them slowly is not something to be rushed. However, the result is a multi-layered sauce so versatile; it pairs beautifully with almost anything, from the humblest chicken dish to an extravagant brunch toast.

MY Oh My Umami: Venturing into Japanese Cuisine

Did you know that the word "umami", a fundamental flavor in Japanese cuisine, translates roughly as "pleasant, savory taste"? It's this new taste sensation that I was seeking when I delved into Japanese cooking. What started as a simple sushi-making attempt quickly morphed into a full-blown exploration of the traditional multi-course meal known as "kaiseki".

And trust me when I say, it was a tremendous culinary expedition filled with delights at every corner. With dishes showcasing seasonal ingredients and focusing heavily on taste and texture balance, I wasn't just cooking; I was creating edible art.

A Trip to Italy with Handmade Gnocchi

I want you to imagine yourself in Italy, right in the heart of a bustling kitchen filled with the mouthwatering aroma of Mama's Sunday feast. That's exactly what my kitchen smelled like on my handmade gnocchi day. Gnocchi, these little Italian potato dumplings of love, taught me patience and the art of kneading with love.

Not just that, I also enjoyed making the traditional tomato and basil sauce to accompany these delicate gnocchi. The experience was far beyond just cooking; it strengthened my bond with food and taught me the pure joy of creating something from scratch.

Flavors of the Middle East: Hummus and Tabouleh Night

Embracing the rich, vibrant diversity of flavors that Middle Eastern cuisine offers, I tried my hand at making hummus and tabouleh one evening. And let me tell you, it was a night to remember. The combination of fresh greens in the tabouleh and decadently creamy, flavorful hummus had me questioning why I hadn't tried it sooner.

Unlike the store-bought versions, homemade hummus has a fresher texture and taste. And it certainly added flair to my table. As for the tabouleh, the combination of fresh parsley, mint, ripe tomatoes, scallions, and that aromatic dressing of olive oil and lemon juice brought the tastes of Middle-East to my San Francisco apartment.

Spicing Things up Indian Style with Tandoori Chicken

I still recall the first time I went to an Indian restaurant and tried Tandoori chicken. The myriad of spices coating the succulent chicken, all cooked in the traditional Tandoor oven, was a sensory overload. Since San Francisco is not rich in traditional Tandoor ovens, I had to make do with my oven grill - but it worked out splendidly.

Marinating the chicken in a mixture of yogurt and spices overnight was the key. I then grilled them to perfection, serving alongside fluffy basmati rice and tangy pickle. Rich and fiery, it didn't just warm my stomach; it warmed my soul.

From Cook to Chef: My Culinary Journey With New Recipes

Each new recipe I tried presented a lesson in itself - not just about food, but about myself and my own growth as a home cook. I discovered my love for taking my time in preparation, learned that I find peace in the rituals of chopping and stirring, and most importantly, that I have an undeniable love for eating delicious food.

From the mole sauce of Mexico to the umami flavors of Japan, every dish has taken me around the globe without leaving my kitchen. Some days, I am basking in the Italian countryside eating gnocchi; others, savouring Middle Eastern delights of hummus and tabouleh. And let us not forget the Indian Tandoori chicken that transported me straight to a street-side stall in Delhi.

These cooking adventures have taught me the beauty and richness of international cuisine. It has indeed, been a mouthful of delicacies. And my imminent quest? Well, I am off to Brazil, hoping to acing their national dish - Feijoada!